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You can build this flamethrower!

Hi, Bill Gurstelle here. Glad you came to to look around. If you've seen my books or magazine articles, you probably now that I like big, edgy, and highly kinetic science; the kind where things go whoosh, boom, or splat. And of course, I also like projects that reflect the DIY movement, because I enjoy making interesting things.

So, I came up with a few new products that reflect both of these things that I so enjoy: It's called Poster-Projects. People get genuinely excited about them! While the meek and mild might find them a bit edgy, the projects they describe are actually quite safe (although I must add, build and use at your own risk.). Even if you don't actually build the flamethrower or the cannon, it's a pretty cool poster and you'll have something unique and interesting on the wall.

  • Potato Cannon: This device fires a potato at speeds approaching 100 mph. The poster includes information on a variety of ignition options including taser, piezo, and flint/steel systems. Clear and concise directions; outstanding performance!
  • Flamethrower: Technically, this is a propane cannon, as it runs on as it uses commonly available propane as opposed to the much more dangerous type using gasoline or kerosene. Complete information including key parts and supplies, dimensions, safe operating instructions, and more.

So, if you're looking for a wonderful decor item for your workshop, classroom, or bedroom, this is what you need: a poster that inspiring and excites!

Highest quality, full-color, huge 36" x 24" poster. Comes rolled not folded. We ship to the USA and Canada. Other buyers use the form below to get shipping estimate.

More posters and other products coming soon!

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